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Team photo by <a href="http://www.jarviedigital.com/">Scott Jarvie</a>

Team photo by Scott Jarvie

2014: One Fabulous Year at SmugMug!

2014 was full of surprises, hard work, gorgeous and inspirational photography, and tons of fun!

We started the year with a bang! by launching our inspirational series of SmugMug Films. Because inspiration is at the root of everything, we set out to create a series of beautiful films featuring great photographers at work all around the world.

Check out the trailer, and head over to our YouTube channel to subscribe and see more. We truly hope you'll be moved to get out there and get shooting.

Apart from all the fun and travel, we've also been hard at work updating the site with fixes that our fans have been reporting back to us, as well as making improvements to the all-new platform we launched a little over a year ago.

Our favorite news? SmugMug's official browsing app was given a whole new look and feel – plus more features – so that photo lovers on any iOS device could add SmugMug galleries to their phone and browse with a swipe.

We hoped it would be perfect for anyone who loves SmugMug photos. SmugMug users can easily access all their photos and upload new photos and videos right from their mobile devices. 

And fans of SmugMug users can always follow what their photographers are uploading and sharing. Totally great for friends, family, and of course clients eagerly waiting to see their finished portraits. After all, it's completely free!

You can read all about it here on our blog

This year, we also made a huge upgrade to our Refer-a-Friend program. Now when SmugMuggers tell friends about us, each party gets 20% back towards their subscription.

To celebrate, we've been giving away a GoPro camera each month to one lucky referrer, and we've got an awesome grand prize lined up: A trip for one big Smug Fan to visit us here in sunny California.

The drawing's happening early in 2015. We can't wait to meet the winner!

Every year, the SmugMug family gathers at our annual working retreat, which feels a lot like a family reunion. This year we all got together at Sunriver Resort in Oregon, USA, for some productive hacking, team bonding, and summertime family fun. 

The theme this year was Camp SmugMug, and everyone got into the spirit by joining group activities and collecting special beads as achievements. And in addition to working hard on SmugMug projects, we hiked, went rafting, explored caves, tasted local brews, and of course took tons of pictures!

Camp SmugMug 2014 in Sunriver, Oregon

  • //www.jarviedigital.com/
  • //www.jarviedigital.com/

We have SmugMug folks who live around the world, and they traveled far and wide to be at our retreat:


It's no secret that our halls are lined with epic photographs, so when it came time to decorate the SmugMug Gym we went looking for something extraordinary.

We commissioned the one and only Benjamin Von Wong to create a set of amazing portraits of SmugMuggers pushing their own limits. See the full story on our blog

2014 has been such a great year and we can't wait to go into the holiday season with everyone. From all of us to you, please keep taking pictures and sharing them, as well as telling us what photo gallery features you can't live without. 

Happy holidays!

~ The Entire Team at SmugMug HQ

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    on November 10, 2014

    I have two accounts with SmugMug, and love love love them! I can do exactly what I want to organize and display many hundreds of photos in that certain way that makes this curator and web designer happy. Added custom URLs, and my sites sparkle. Plus, customer service is excellent, and I feel that every effort is being made to keep up with what customers want and need. Thanks, Smuggies.