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Build a Custom Website on SmugMug

Creating a personalized website involves more than simply the photos displayed. While your individual memories are the bulk of what makes your site unique, changing the layouts, color and overall look and feel has a huge impact on your viewers and the impression you leave about yourself.

At SmugMug, you get three different ways to make your photo home totally unique, so no matter how deeply you want to dig, there's something for you.

Note: Not all features may be available on all account types. Check our account comparison chart if you’re unsure about which customization features are available to you.

What is Customization?

Customization, personalization, look and feel. No matter what you call it, it’s the colors, fonts and layout of the place you call home.

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Why should I care?

We think the best part of having a website is the personal expression. You’ll use your site as the one place anyone can go to to get a snapshot of you, what you do and what you love to share with others. It’s a way for people to learn all the other things about you that can’t always be conveyed in conversation.

If you’re a pro photographer or anyone else who takes photos for a business, customization is THE single most powerful way to bring your brand to the front and give a clean, organized, put-together appearance. Nothing says “I’d hire that!” than a clean, beautiful, unified look and feel.

Examples of beautifully customized SmugMug sites:

How do I customize on SmugMug?

You’ve got a few options ranging from "I don't have time for more than a few clicks"  to “I'm all in." But we promise that you’ll love the way your site looks no matter how deep you dive.

Contact our Support Heroes if you’ve got additional questions or if you just need a helping hand!

Themes, Designs, and Content Blocks

These are the bones of SmugMug. All SmugMug accounts can choose from dozens of beautiful themes that bring your website to life and suit virtually any mood or palette. Additionally, all SmugMug owners can add, remove or swap around Content Blocks on the homepage, giving you endless configurations for the first photos, videos and words that guests will see.

Power, Portfolio and Business accounts have additional options that change the look & feel of the site, including modifying and creating completely custom Themes, and choosing one of 20+ site designs. Changing the design gives you drastically different layouts that change around the location of essential features like a navigation bar, thumbnails, your cover photo and your profile photo. The best part is that you can create several versions of the same website using different designs, then swap between them.

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Your own CSS and HTML

If you’re not a beginner or want to create more powerful tweaks, you can use your own CSS and HTML to tweak your custom Theme, or even make changes specific to pages on your site.

To have your code apply across your whole site, look for the Advanced tab under your Theme options where you can add your own CSS.

To have your code apply to just a single page or gallery, drag and drop an HTML or CSS Content Block onto any page of your site and add your code there.

Need help? We’ve got cut-and-paste code shared by our in-house customization experts as well as tweaks shared by fellow SmugMuggers like you in our Digital Grin customization forum.

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