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SmugMug's Organizer = Big Benefits for Every Photographer

Managing your photo library is as simple as can be with the SmugMug Organizer. 

What's in it for you: Take control of the chaos and corral your photos into a neat, tidy, familiar folder tree that you can organize via a drag-and-drop window. You stay in control when organizing your photos and videos, and you can shuffle your galleries into any layout that works for you. 

You can open the Organizer from anywhere on your SmugMug site. Simply log in and look for the ORGANIZE button in the header tool bar, top left:

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Big Benefit #1: Folders

Since you probably have lots of photos, you'll want to create an organizational structure that makes the most sense to you. Example: Sort your photos into buckets based on:


There are infinite ways you can organize your photos based on what you shoot, so be sure to create folders that fit your photos best.

In SmugMug, your photos are uploaded into and contained inside Galleries. Galleries are end points on the tree, and typically you'll keep your galleries inside Folders. A Folder can hold either galleries or up to five layers of nested folders inside it. This results in a total of 7 layers of organization:

* TOP FOLDER  > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Gallery         

Need help? For an in depth look at Folders, Galleries and Pages, check out our video tutorial

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Big Benefit #2: Drag and Drop

The Organizer displays your Tree Structure in the drawer on the left hand side. The right pane of the organizer shows whatever content you highlighted on the folder tree. If you've highlighted a Folder, then all of the child Folders and Galleries of that folder will be represented as thumbnails on the right. 

You can drag and drop items within that right hand panel to sort them, or you can drag and drop anything from the right pane into the tree on the left. Easy!

If you want a gallery to end up in one of the child folders, make sure you've clicked the top level Folder first to open it up and reveal the nested content within it. 

Everything is presented to you on a single page in a beautiful, visual interface. You can see the nested Folders and Galleries so you know exactly where your photos live in relation to one another. No memorization needed.

Making changes in the new Organizer is instant. You can Sort, Arrange or Move your site content around and the changes take place immediately.

Plus, you can access everything on your site from one place. Save time clicking and digging around!

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Big Benefit #3: Do Everything from the Organizer

Whether you're creating new galleries, uploading photos and videos or adding keywords to your photos, you can do it all from within the organizer. 

* CREATE new galleries, folders and pages, add details like meta descriptions, keywords and security settings

* MANAGE gallery, page and folder settings 

* ARRANGE the order of files and folders

* MOVE folders, pages, galleries and photos between locations

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Big Benefit #4: Bulk Actions

What's the point of having those juicy photo tiles if you can't use them? One of the nicest features of the Organizer is the ability to edit your galleries and photos in bulk.

To do this, simply highlight multiple folders or galleries from the list on the left, and click the Settings button at the top.

You can also edit multiple photos from within the same gallery: Highlighting the thumbnails you want gives you the power to Delete or Hide/Show just those photos. 

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Homework Assignment: Tidy Up!

Try your hand moving, arranging, deleting

Now that you've created a Folder structure that works for you, it's time to put all of it into practice. Go ahead drag and drop anything you wish into your new Folders and Galleries. With up to 7 layers or organization, the sky's the limit.

For deleting: You can delete images one at a time, or a selection of images from within a gallery. You can even delete a gallery (which deletes everything inside it) and you can delete entire folders.

Highlight the item(s) to delete, and click the garbage can in the tools menu. 

PS. Don't worry, we do show a warning message because this process is permanent!