Brought to you by the photographers at SmugMug

What is SmugMug School?

As the world’s leading independently-owned photo sharing website, we’ve learned a thing or two about photo sharing, photo taking and the business of photography over these last 12 years. We know that SmugMug’s fans and loyal customers are as eager as we are to have photography make life more fun.

And so SmugMug School was born.

We’re a group of super-obsessed camera lovers who love to get up at 4 AM to capture the sunrise, to spend our weekends documenting tear-filled weddings (and sweat-filled soccer games), to photograph our children as they grow, and to push the boundaries of fine art. We also happen to work at SmugMug.

So whether you’re already part of our community or if you just love photography, welcome! You’ll find everything you need to become a SmugMug expert, to stop fearing those buttons on your camera, and to start turning your favorite photos into cash.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please tell us below. We love hearing from you!

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