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8 Tools That Make You More Money

1. Pricelists

SmugMug's Pricelists give you the power to:

• Manage all of your pricing from one place. 

• Manage your pricing across hundreds of galleries with a few clicks.

• Offer different pricing for weddings, sports or family photos. 

• Decide how much profit you make on each sale.

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2. Proof Delay

SmugMug's Proof Delay gives you the power to make finishing touches before sending orders to the lab, fix customer cropping mistakes and save on uploading time.

Time-saving tip: 

Upload medium-resolution JPGs and swap them with big, edited files after your clients order. How? Compress your images in your favorite photo editor before you upload photos to SmugMug. They'll upload faster without affecting your customers opportunity to buy large prints.

Just use Proof Delay's Replace function after clients place orders to swap your original compressed image with the full-res file. 

Why it works:

You'll spend time ONLY editing the images that get bought. SmugMug’s proof delay helps SmugMug Pro Andi Grant maintain her high standards:

"I love proof delay because I do very little editing to my proofing galleries — none for boudoir," she says. "So when a client orders an image I then have the opportunity to make sure it’s perfect. I especially like to be sure their cropping is correct."

3. Color Correction

SmugMug’s Color Correction gives you the power to leave global color edits to the experts, ensuring great print products for your customers and freeing up your day. This setting is found in your Pricelists manager

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4. Image Protection

SmugMug's many Image Protection featuresensure that your customers are buying, not 'borrowing' your photos. Here's what we recommend:


To advertise your copyright and protect against screen grabbers.

Right Click Protection:

To foil snitching.    

Disable Originals:

To prevent one-click downloads. 

5. Printmarks

Printmarks put your signature or logo onto the products that your customers buy.

In the case of the Fine Art photographer, a Printmark is a way to sign the print that the customer receives, creating more value for the customer.

For event photographers, Printmarks work as advertising that allows the photographer a way to offer the product for a lower price, and encourage sales.

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6. Digital Downloads

Photo and Video Downloads give you the power of instant gratification. SmugMug has over 30 different digital download options that you can price and sell, between various formats, sizes and whether or not they include your Printmark.

Pro Tip: Gallery backups are perfect for delivering files to customers that have paid for your services in advance!

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7. Custom Discounts

Coupons and Packages are powerful sales tools every Pro should use. Who can resist the opportunity to get more for less?

•  Percent or Dollar Off coupons are fantastic incentives to encourage more sales.

 • Print Credits are perfect when built in to your session fee, in return for a prepaid sale or as a gift to a special client.

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• Packages allow you, the pro, to set a single price for multiple print products, making it easier for clients to check out.

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8. Events and Favorites

Events give your buyers the power to gather their favorites into a single gallery for review. You can also give several clients in a single shoot their own private Favorites gallery!

Why it works:

Events give your clients their own little island where they can browse at their leisure. The process of selecting Favorites also helps you, the Pro, work together to narrow down their selections. 

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