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Events! Now, what's this about and why should I use it?

The SmugMug EventTool gives your clients a way to pick their favorite photos from galleries you've curated for them. This way:

• You provide easy access to a group of galleries via a single click.

You even get to pick the URL. The viewer sees a gorgeous, personalized presentation with each gallery displayed before them, highlighted by an optional, buttery-smooth slideshow.

• Your important clients can pick Favorites

Just add them as Participants. Click the ‘Share’ button, and send them a personalized email invitation with their unique link to the Event.

• You can make your Events public, unlisted, or protected with a password.

 If your Event is public, you can set up the option for viewers to register, meaning you get to collect their email addresses and they get to pick Favorites. Win/win!

• Your guests can easily share the Event with other guests.

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How it REALLY works

Registered Participants (your clients) browse the Event galleries and choose their Favorites, marking them with a little red heart.  As they click them, virtual copies of each favorite photo are placed in that a special ‘Favorites’ gallery. Favorites galleries are unique to each registered guest or participant, and visible only to them (and you). And they'll always know where to find it, because we'll send them an email that includes the link.

In short: It's easy for your clients to pick, choose and view their selections.

They can review them, whittle down their selections, or add new favorites at any time.  Participants can purchase any of your available products directly from within their favorites gallery, or anywhere within the Event.  If you’re working with a client on selections for a special project like a wedding album, their choices are just a click away. No more trying to write down cryptic filenames over the phone.

Try These Tips to Maximize Your Events

Feature the event on your homepage.

SmugMug allows you to set up your event and generate a URL beforehand so you have that info at-the-ready.  Online, you can modify your event and add new photos as they become available.  If that’s too complicated, you can even ‘feature’ an event on your homepage putting it front and center!

Feature the event on printed materials. Include the event URL at every opportunity, like the following. (Bonus tip: Make sure that your printed material matches the formality of the event.)

•  In the event’s program.

• On business cards you make just for the event.

• On post cards included in swag bags given out at the event.

• On elegant formal event cards displayed on the tables, at the guest book or the registration table.

Talk to your host.  If your event has a chairperson, director, or simply a social butterfly, exchange email addresses and information.  Chances are they have access to a mailing list, registry, or directory in which to distribute info about the event, the photos, and you!

Remember, the people you photograph want to see their images.  It’s up to you to get them to where the photos live!