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Simplify Your Workflow Using Lightroom

Uploading and Syncing images between your SmugMug site and active LR catalog is quick, easy and a huge time saver. You can sync images even if you did not originally upload the images through the LR Publish Service.

Why use the LR Publish Service in LR?

•Save time by managing your SmugMug site directly through LR. Create Categories, Subcategories and Galleries right through the Publish Service. No need to view your SmugMug site in a browser.

•Perfect for retouching images that were ordered and held in Proof Delay. Edit photos in LR and with the click of a button you can replace the previously uploaded images on SmugMug with your new edit.

•See and edit your clients favorites. Have clients choose an image selection through Events and easily sync their selection back to LR. No more using filenames in email or image numbers for your clients to tell you which images they want edited, used in an album or for any other reason.

Installing and Authorizing:

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Make sure the LR Publish Service is installed:

In the Library view, look at the Publish Services box in the lower left. If SmugMug is not listed click Find More Services Online and you will be taken to Adobe's site to download the Publish Service.

Once installed, you'll need to Authorize LR to access your SmugMug account. Click Setup next to SmugMug and the Publishing Manager will open. Under SmugMug Account click the Authorize button and your brower will open and you will be asked to log in to SmugMug. Follow the prompts to authorize your account and then return to LR.

Click Save and once LR imports your SmugMug Categories, Subcategories and Galleries, you are ready to start using the Publish Service.

Uploading and Creating Categories and Galleries

Uploading is a snap. If you want to upload to an existing SmugMug gallery, just drag your photos from your Catalog to the gallery in the Publish Service and click Publish.


Your images will be converted to jpg and sRGB to fit the file formats that SmugMug accepts. You will see the number next to the gallery in the Publish Service show the number of photos you have uploaded to it. If images were previously uploaded to the gallery outside of this LR Catalog they will not be included in that number. See our Syncing Photos section below for info on how to get those images to show up.

You can always create a new Category from within the Publish Service: Right click on the SmugMug Publish Service and select Create Category. Enter a name for the Category and click Create. Your new custom Category has been created.You can also create a new Gallery from within the Publish Service.

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Right click on the SmugMug Publish Service, or on an existing Category or Subcategory, and select Create Gallery. Enter a name for the new Gallery.Choose to view the Advanced Gallery Dialog box in the SmugMug Settings of the Publishing Manager so that you will be able to set the individual Gallery Settings on this screen. Click Create and you have created a new gallery on your SmugMug site.

If you have a Business account the new gallery will use your default Pricelist. You will need to login to SmugMug in a browser to select a different Pricelist.

To upload just drab and drop from your catalog into the new gallery and click Publish.

Synching Photos:

Photos that have been uploaded to SmugMug outside of LR can be synced to your current Catalog. Only synced photos show up in the galleries in the LR Publish Service. Check the Sync Photos checkbox on the window that pops up and click Edit.

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LR will attempt to sync the images on SmugMug within that selected Gallery with the images that are in your active LR Catalog. It cannot sync photos that are not in the catalog.

To sync photos we use the following criteria in this order:

•Camera Make and Model

•Capture Time (be aware than many DSLRs use the same time for images shot in burst mode)

• Filename

Conflict Resolution When Syncing Photos:

If LR cannot determine if a match is correct you will get a Conflict Reslution box. Make sure you select the correct image as a match or you could potentially replace an image on your SmugMug site with a different image.

If you make a mistake on the Conflict Resolution window, cancel the sync and delete the gallery from the Publish Service. That will break the sync but not delete the gallery from your SmugMug site if you select the correct options.

After canceling the sync right click on the Gallery and select Delete. You will have three options:

•Leave on SmugMug: This is the option you want. It removes the gallery from the LR Publish Service but leaves the gallery and images on your SmugMug site.

•Cancel: Cancels the gallery deletion.

•Delete: This removes the gallery from the LR Publish Service but it also deletes the Gallery from SmugMug, including all the images within the Gallery.

You can also Sync Photos at the Category or Subcategory level.

Right click on the Category or Subcategory you'd like to sync and click Edit Category.

Check the Sync Photos checkbox. Click Edit and all of the Galleries within the Category will have their photos synced as mentioned above.

Replacing Photos on SmugMug through the Publish Service:

Once you have uploaded images through the Publish Service or synced existing images you can then edit the photos and replace them on your SmugMug site.

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Edit the photo in LR.  If you create a virtual copy or edit the photo in an external program and create a copy of the image then the image will not be replaced.  A new copy of it will be uploaded.

Once the photos is edited within LR, in Library view in Grid mode, you will see the photo marked as “Modified Photos to Re-Publish”.  If it is marked as “New Photos to Publish” then the photo on SmugMug will not be replaced but a new version will be uploaded to SmugMug.

Click Publish and your files will be replaced.

Events and Syncing Favorites:

With a SmugMug Business account you can use the Events feature to allow your clients to show you their Favorite images. You can then sync that image selection back to LR using the Publish Service. You then have their Favorites located in one easy-to-use gallery in LR.

Watch our webinar to see exactly how this is done!

Create an Event on SmugMug. Add your client as a Participant or send them the Guest URL. Then have them register for the event. Make sure Guest Registration is turned on so they can register to select Favorites.

Add your clients Galleries to the Event. Save the Event. If you added your client as a Participant you can send them their Personalized URL.  That is what allows them to choose their favorites. If you did not add them as a Participant you can send them the Guest URL and they can register themselves.  We will email them their Personalized URL.

Once they have selected their favorites by clicking the red heart under the photos they like we create a gallery for that user in Event Favorites (Category) > Event Name (Subcategory) > Participant Name (Gallery Name).

Open LR and sync that Participants gallery to LR and you have your image selection directly in LR to use. If your client changes their Favorites simply re-sync the photos and you will have their new selection in LR.  Syncing Photos does not replace images or delete them from your SmugMug site.  Only clicking the Publish button can do that.