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Aim to Impress: Go Beyond Paper Prints

Your SmugMug account gives you access to all kinds of print sizes and paper types, including ready-to hang prints and cool household items. Just like the name suggests, ready to hang prints require no further framing before you can add them to your halls. Because they are finished products, they are affordable and convenient ways to fill your home with art, and make lovely presentations as gifts to friends, family and clients. We've gathered six fun ideas for bringing your photos to life.

Smug tip: To see the many print options available for your account type, open any gallery and use the Buy or Owner Buy button to open the shopping cart. Portfolio and Business users, remember that you’ve got a total of 4 print labs, each with their own variety of products, and you can switch between them from your Account Settings.

1. Metal Prints for Man Caves

SmugMug Sorcerer Ryan Doherty

SmugMug Sorcerer Ryan Doherty

Photo by Von Wong

Your masculine retreat full of game tables or power tools isn’t the place for a glass covered print, but it deserves more than a poster hung with thumb tacks. Try printing your favorite car photo on metal for a brilliant yet durable presentation. Available from Bay Photo and Loxley Colour.

2. Foam Mounts for Children's Bedrooms

Here’s another spot to avoid traditional glass framed prints, but it’s still worthy of a watch-me-grow series of photos, or creative portraits of your child’s favorite toys. How about a Ready to Hang mounted print? Sturdy and bend resistant and yet light so that when it does get knocked off the wall (stuff happens, right?) it isn’t a hazard. Available from EZPrints, WHCC and Loxley Colour.

3. Canvas Prints for the Bright Outdoors

Ever wish your garden was in bloom all year round? Try dressing up your covered porch with a canvas print of your favorite flowers. Canvas print products are UV and weather resistant, and their frame-wrapped presentations make elegant additions to your home or patio! Canvas prints are available from Bay Photo, WHCC, EZPrints and Loxley Colour.

4. Rolled Canvas Prints for Signed Keepsakes

Canvas prints can be signed with permanent marker, making a perfect gift option. Have a big event coming up, like a graduation or retirement party? Try an unmounted rolled canvas print and have guests sign it for the guest of honor. Any local framing shop can mount the finished print on a frame so it’s ready-to-hang.

5. Metal Prints for Dressier Bathrooms

Take your bath from Blah to Brilliant by hanging prints of your own work in it. Baths are another great place for metal prints, which will stand up to the humidity.

6. Think 'Off the Wall' with Everyday Items

Add a little pizzaz to your morning mug of coffee.  You can order T Shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and scores more stuff from your SmugMug shopping cart. 

7. BONUS! Ready-to-Hang Prints

We all love to give prints of our photos to friends, family or even clients. But giving an unframed paper print is like bringing an uniced cake to the party. Try these options to be sure your giftee gets something they can hang right away.

Box Framed Prints are another glass free option, but with a bit more elegance. Your print comes mounted on sturdy board, then set inside a thick wooden frame. These are a durable statement piece available on every SmugMug account, not just for pros.

Thin or Float Wraps are modern and elegant, softer and a bit more feminine. They are available from Bay Photo, WHCC and Loxley Colour

The SmugMug shopping cart tool shows you what to expect for the final printed product. The blue area represents the part of the image that will be wrapped around the edges of the product.

The key to a great ready to hang prints lies in knowing whether the print product is “wrapped” around the mounting or is printed edge to edge full bleed, like a regular print.

Wrapped products include wrapped canvases and thin/float wraps, while Box Framed, Mounted and Metal prints are all printed edge to edge. With a wrapped product, part of the printed image is wrapped around the mounting (be that canvas stretchers or gator board) so not all of the image displays on the front of the product.

Wrapped Canvas

Mounted Print

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