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Why Upload Your Full-Res Originals?

Friends, Photographers, Storytellers. Send us your Originals!

We know you've got lots of choices for places to trust with your precious photo files, from cloud based storage services to free social media sites. But we believe that with many of those choice comes risk.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose SmugMug:

• We're dedicated to safe storage, and we'll keep every pixel of your photos safe. We want you to feel comfortable trusting us with your original, full-resolution files. We'll never smoosh, crunch, squish, resize, or compromise your photos.

• We will not limit the number of photos and videos that you can upload, nor the number of times you can access them. Your files stay yours, and we'll never hold them hostage.

These promises are all included in our bottom-line, basic subscription fee.

One Upload. Many Outcomes.

Once you upload your ful-res file, SmugMug maintains it carefully in all its glory... and also creates a series of custom display sizes for easy viewing and sharing.  

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You're not stuck with a giant! 

You don't need to do a thing. We take your file and optimize your images for web display, all in the background. We quickly resize images on-the-fly, so your viewers get the perfect size photo no matter how big (or small) of a browser window they're using.

This means that your images will look great on any device, on any connection, and anywhere in the world. 

What Does This Mean for You?


SmugMug is your photo archive. All your memories safely stored in the cloud, letting you access them from any computer at any time. With folders and galleries, you can organize everything in an easy-to-understand way, and arrange everything using our easy drag-and-drop system.

Your untouched, full-resolution originals are always available to be retrieved by you (at no extra charge). In fact, you can get them back individually, or we'll zip up the whole gallery for you with a single click.

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SmugMug provides you with easy access to four high quality print labs. Upload once to your SmugMug site and make prints, gifts, and merchandise at any time.

Gone are the days of having to deal with losing CDs, corrupt files, or the tedium of having to upload your photos to a second website just to buy prints!

You can also let your loved ones buy prints and gifts from your photos, too. Set your Gallery Settings' 'Printable' option to ON to reveal the shopping cart to your fans. They'll buy and we'll deliver the prints right to their door.

All of our labs ship to any address around the world.

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Share any sized photo from your site with whomever you choose:

• Send grandma an email with a photo of her newest grandson. 
• Post last night's shenanigans on Facebook
• Embed photos into your Craigslist or Ebay ads. 
• Collect your favorite wedding images into a "Best Of" gallery,  then share that gallery with the bride. 
• Allow your clients to save high-resolution copies of their favorite images, direct from the proof gallery. (Or not -- you can change this if you want to lock them down)

There are as many ways to share your photos as there are photos to share. 


Don't want to share? That's OK. There's no need to reveal your originals to your guests. Keep them tucked safely away for your eyes only by restricting the largest display size your viewers can see.

Our Portfolio and Business accounts have extra image protection tools, including non-destructive Watermarks

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A word about upload speeds. How fast you can upload photos is determined by your internet service provider (ISP) and the size of your files. Digital cameras keep producing larger and larger file sizes, but in reality, printing archiving doesn't require all that data. You can help speed up your uploads with a tiny bit of image compression when you edit your photos. Here's how: Save your files at Lightroom quality of 85% (or Photoshop quality 10) to give you great prints AND reduce your upload time. 

Getting proofs to your clients quickly: Are you a photography pro with lots of event photos to upload for sale? Use image compression to get your proofs uploaded much, much quicker and use SmugMug's Proof Delay feature to replace only the ones that sell. Get the nitty gritty in this sample workflow

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