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Everything You Need to Know About New SmugMug

What's so great about new SmugMug?

• A more secure, faster SmugMug that lets us release products more quickly

• Bigger, better more beautiful display options 

• The focus is on your photos, not the tools and buttons

• Drag and drop organization makes managing your photos a breeze

• You can organize your folders and galleries up to 5 levels deep (7 layers, total)

• The same deep customization, but with intuitive, drag and drop functionality

All new improvements and features will only be available on new SmugMug.

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What are some of the amazing new features that are only available on new SmugMug?

Private Sharing

Carousel Content Block

• new Add to Cart

• Drag Photos onto Galleries to Upload

Custom Buy Buttons

• Improved Watermarking Tools

We're always  listening to your feedback and  considering all of your suggestions. Tell us! (We've already built and released many of the features so your voice really matters)

Will you let us know before you switch everyone over to the new version?

When we're close, we'll do everything we can to tell you that the big change is coming, so be sure that you're receiving our newsletter , watching our blog and are keeping in touch with us online: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

If I restructure my galleries in my new site, will the old links I shared with people still work?

As long as the link you’ve shared has the Album and Image IDs in the URLs, they should still work. Here's how galleries, folders and organization works when you’ve previewing the new SmugMug and haven't yet Published your changes.

What is the difference between saving customization settings ("Done") and "Publish New SmugMug"?

Done saves your changes while you’re customizing your site and exits you out of customization mode. If you're still Previewing the new SmugMug, you’ll still be the only person to see those changes. You can click Done as many times as you wish – in fact, you'll use this button  many, many times as you customize your website.

Publish New SmugMug makes your new SmugMug site live to the rest of the web, and you can only do this once. Your old SmugMug site will then be permanently deleted and your new website will be the only one you see from that point forward.

Is there a glossary for all those names in New SmugMug?

Yes! Check out the glossary of new SmugMug terms.

Are there video tutorials to help us do things?

Yes! Start with the videos right here. We've got plenty more on our Youtube channel

Can you explain the difference between galleries and folders?

Galleries contain photos and videos, just like before.

Folders are like categories and subcategories in legacy. They are top level containers. They can contain other folders (up to 5 nested layers), galleries, or pages.

Does the SmugMug plugin for Lightroom still work with  New SmugMug?

Yes, you can get the latest version from our plugin page

If I delete a gallery when you have NOT YET PUBLISHED, does it delete it immediately on the old  site? Or only when you Publish?

Deleting galleries will take effect immediately on your  site to your visitors! 

For questions about what happens when you rearrange galleries when you're previewing the new SmugMug, look here.

How do I change the font?

You’ve got over 600 fonts to choose from (view them here), and they’re accessible from your Theme’s settings.

Some content blocks allow you to change the font size independently, so when in doubt, click on the wrench icon to view your possible display options.

How do I make my new SmugMug page look exactly like my old, default site?

It won’t be exact, but you can get something close to our  default style with larger photos and cleaner look. Start with the “SmugMug” design, and follow this tutorial

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Is it possible to manually sort the way folders, galleries or pages are displayed in content blocks?

Yes. Within any of the navigation content blocks, you can arrange folders among folders, pages among pages and galleries among galleries. You will find the sort option in the Organizer. Set it to manual and drag items to arrange them. 

If your content block is set to "Galleries (or Pages) that I choose", then the content is displayed in the order that you click on them.

Can I get a full-screen slideshow on my homepage?

Yes you can! There's a "Background" tab that you'll find on your site, where you can specify a static image or a series of images in a full-screen slideshow. Read all about it here.

Why can’t I completely remove the footer?

We ask that all SmugMug users include the SmugMug name in the website footer to protect our copyright and so that we can continue to provide support to the many fans and clients who contact our Support Team for help.

If you see one of the few legacy sites that don’t display "SmugMug" in their footer, this means it was grandfathered in from a decision we made many years ago. Today, you can minimize the content in the footer to a brief “Photo sharing by SmugMug,” and of course you can add your own footer at any time.

Will the third party customizations that I’ve had done carry over to new SmugMug?

When you preview the new SmugMug, all your folders and galleries will appear exactly as you've organized them, but not your customizations. The customization tools on new SmugMug are so much easier to use that you will be able to create a beautiful and unique site on your own in just a few minutes. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns our heroes are just a quick shout away

Can I still customize using Javascript?

We didn’t love Javascript customization because it made it difficult for us to improve the site without breaking your work. So you can’t customize with it in the new SmugMug, but if you tell us what you’re trying to do, we’ll see if we can build it for you as part of the site.

Where do I submit feature requests?

Write to us with your request. We can’t guarantee an immediate reply, but we’re cataloging all of these for future improvements. We promise!