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Your Own Photo Home in 4 Easy Steps

Not yet sure about SmugMug? We know your photos are priceless and that you lead a busy life. We'll show how SmugMug can help get everything under control so you can get back to whatever it is you do best.

You Keep It Together... Almost.

Face it: You're a shutterbug. You love taking photos on vacation or when feeling inspired to push your creative boundaries. But you're also always shooting snapshots and videos of the everyday things: last weekend’s concert, your daughter’s recital, your mom’s birthday brunch last summer, a particularly delicious bowl of soup in Chinatown.

When you share photos it’s usually online but scattered across several different online sites. You’ll upload pics to Facebook and Instagram where you can tag your friends, and you may  even have a few relatives who aren’t on social media at all. For them, you typically resize your photos to a smaller size and email them as attachments.

You’re loving the convenience of taking photos with all your devices and snapping the best moments of your life. And you love being able to share those with everyone you know.

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But you don’t feel entirely comfortable with how some of your photos live on Facebook, some are stranded on your phone, and all of your “good” photos are marooned on your hard drive. You’re losing track of where your originals are and you can’t quite remember if you backed up your computer (or your phone) recently.

Sound familiar?

Step 1: Find a Safe & Secure Place

What if you had a convenient place online where you could upload all your original photos and share them however you wanted from there?

It would have to be someplace you knew wouldn’t just disappear overnight, and would need lots of folders of organization to keep your thousands of photos in a way that made sense. You’d have to know that everything you put online was safely backed up in the cloud and you could always retrieve your originals in case your home computer crashed or your phone bricks up.

It’d be your one place where all your photos would live, and you could post photos from there across all your favorite social media sites.

For everyone else you want a site with unlimited traffic so that you can just share the link and they could visit you there.

That’s SmugMug. The safe and secure place for all your photos.

And the best part is, you've already found us.

City shots by Ivan

Step 2: Move In. Make Yourself at Home.

SmugMug is the perfect place to store everything you shoot. You simply upload your photos and videos into galleries. You can create as many as you wish and nest them 5 layers deep into as many folders as you need. Grab all your cameras, smartphones and anything else you use to take pictures and load them up. SmugMug can take it!

Once your photos are uploaded you can fine-tune your gallery settings, because not everything needs to be public. You can make certain galleries unlisted, passworded for your closest friends, or completely privatejust for  you.

And when you’re ready you can copy and share links to your photos with anyone in the world. Use one-click sharing, publish to facebook to copy whole galleries into Facebook Albums, or just get a link so you can email them to relatives abroad. Because your site has unlimited traffic and is backed up by Amazon, you know it’s fast and reliable no matter how viral you go.

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Step 3: Effortlessly Orchestrate the Most Complete Picture of Your Life

When people visit you, your photos look so good and your website works perfectlywhether your sister’s browsing it on her iPhone or your mom’s checking in on her PC.

You can Customize what they see on your homepage or on any other page on your site: Change the theme to your favorite colors, add, remove or rearrange the different content blocks on your homepage, create completely custom pages that display any content you want (including a blog or interactive maps), give your site a custom, easy-to-remember URL. You can build anything you’ve ever dreamed of on a website.

Your friends, family and fans only need to go to one place to see what you do, who you really are, and everything you shoot.

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Step 4: Take Your Website Further

Your website is more than just for display. It’s a gateway to the next part of your life, should you want to take your photography further.

Prints. Photos are wonderful online, but nobody spends 24 hours in front of a computer or device. Print your photos big and bold from one of our 4 incredible print labs and hang them on your walls, in your office, or order a keychain or desk frame to keep your favorite memories close at hand.

Or you can price and sell your work so you earn a profit on every sale you make. A perfect option for seasoned pro photographers, or those just looking to earn a little extra to buy a new lens. You can sell digital downloads, too.

SmugMug wants to to have everything you need to succeed. We'll never stop searching for new ways that you can get the most out of your website - and your camera - so keep in touch with us. Read our newsletter, email our Support Heroes or join us for a webinar.

Here's to helping you achieve everything you want while you’re part of our family!

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