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Give SmugMug on Special Occasions

Summer is often a time for special gatherings, like weddings and family reunions, that bring out the shutterbug in all of us. SmugMug is the perfect place to gather all of those images and show them off in a way that everyone can enjoy for years to come.

You can easily create a brand-new SmugMug website, or a folder on an existing site, for all of the photos from the event. Dress it up to match the party’s theme using SmugMug’s easy customization tools. Here's how!

Give the Gift of a New Home

Gifting a SmugMug account gives your friends a safe place to cherish unlimited memories, without giving away your credit card information. They can choose to add their payment information to the account to buy prints, gifts, and to renew the account when your gift expires. 

When you fill out the Gift information, use an email address that you own in the FROM section and uncheck the box that says, “Notify my lucky friend immediately”. This way, the Gift email comes to you, so you can activate the account and set it up for them. All without spoiling the surprise. 

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Add Photos They'll Love

Whenever you open a new SmugMug site, you'll be guided through your first steps, including being prompted to upload some photos. If you've got pictures (or video) of the happy couple as children, or images from the bachelorette party you just can't wait to share,  upload those so that they're greeted with wonderful memories!

Flash Their Favorite Colors with Themes

What better way to personalize your gift site than by adding the colors of the event? Use the event invitations, bridesmaid dresses, or flower colors to pick and customize the theme (the colors used for background, text and text accents) you apply to the site.

SmugMug Basic accounts let you set the theme for your website. SmugMug Power, Portfolio and Business accounts give you the option to create your own custom themes.

And don't worry: if the happy couple wants a different look once they see your gift, changing the theme is as easy as pie.

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Let Guests Add Their Photos

Who doesn’t want to see all the selfies, photo bombs ,and funny candids from the night? Make it easy for the happy couple to collect images from all the guests by enabling Guest Uploads

1. Create a new Gallery and give it a name.
2. In the Gallery Settings, create a guest upload key.
3. Save the Settings, then copy the guest upload URL that we give you.
4. Paste that URL into the gallery description box, along with a friendly message asking fellow guests to share their best memories.

Don't forget to share the gallery with everyone!

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Dress Up the Homepage

With SmugMug, you've got the tools to add, remove and arrange content blocks on the homepage. 

Start with the "Logo" at the top, in the header section, that contains your site name. You can click it to add your own site name (like the name of your gift recipients), or fill in your SmugMug Profile info to automatically replace the default logo text. 

Tip for Basic accounts: Your homepage starts with both Folders and Galleries content blocks on the homepage. There are plenty of ways to arrange these, and add more content blocks, so that you can create a unique homepage specific to the occasion.

Open the Customize Menu from the top tool bar. The customize drawer will open and you can change:

 • Anything that displays on the homepage
 • The Theme
 • The Background Image(s) for the homepage
 • The details of the Layout of the page

Every content block displays additional settings, so that you can personalize the content further: move, resize, and choose what's displayed.

Tip: Power, Portfolio, and Business accounts have the ability to do the above customization to any Page or Folder on their site, and they'll see a greater variety of content blocks to use.

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A Gift Ready for Giving

When your gift site looks perfect, share it with your lucky friend! 

When you hand over the account:

1. Email them a link to the homepage, and tell them the email address that you used to create the site as well as the password that you set.

2. Remind them that they may want to change the email address listed on the account. (You can do this for them if you wish, but they'll get an email confirmation when you do, so do this only after you've shared the surprise!)

3. Remind them to change the account login password to something personal and secure.

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SmugMug Gifts for Any Event

There are as many ways to design a beautiful SmugMug site as a gift for someone special as there are unique special people in your world. New babies. Special anniversaries. Retirement parties. Family reunions. Coaches' gifts. The possibilities are endless. 

There are always hard-to-buy-for people in your life, but even the person who has it all loves looking at pictures of their cherished events!

Tip for Professional Wedding Photographers

Let a beautifully designed SmugMug site replace the CD, DVD, Drive or Zip File delivery of your clients wedding photos! Include a site in your package. Load all of the photos for the happy couple, and deliver the completed site after you've delivered all of the print orders to them and their guests!