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The Save Photo Reminder

Are you familiar with our Save Photo feature? If not, you'll want to know how this handy tool works and why it's important to you.

Save Photo: Peace of Mind

The Save Photo button lets you download full-resolution originals of any photo in your gallery. This is, in other words, a way for you to retrieve the actual file that you originally uploaded to your site. It's perfect for times when you've lost the file on your hard drive, if you're working on another computer and need the original, or if you just feel like making more edits to an photo you've already uploaded.


Need to retrieve backups of all files in your gallery? Try the Download All option instead of clicking them one by one.

Turning it On or Off

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The Save Photo Reminder

Enabling this little feature is simple: Just open up your Gallery Settings, look under the Security & Privacy option and choose your Maximum Display Size.

Save Photo ON:

Maximum Display Size = Original

Save Photo OFF:

Maximum Display Size = 3XL, 2XL, L or M

Having your photos available for download incites a powerful reaction in everyone, but you can either open up or lock down your photos, whichever you choose.

Team Share: Open to All

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If you upload your photos to share memories with you loved ones, the Save Photo feature is indispensable. By default, Basic accounts enable your Originals because we've found that our Basic users love to share photos with family and friends. You can easily disable this by the above method – being sure that the Maximum Display size is set to X3L or smaller.

Team Lockdown: For Your Clicks Only

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Don't want to share? We get it. By default, the Save Photo option is not visible to logged-out gallery visitors on Portfolio and Business-level SmugMug accounts. For everyone else, you can disable Save Photo by opening your Gallery Settings and changing the Maximum Display Size to 3XL or anything smaller in that list.

Remember that YOU, the logged-in owner, will always see that little glyph and will be able to download your own photos.

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As Always, Please Check Your Settings

If you're unsure about whether or not your photos are available for download, you can always view your website like a visitor:

1. Look in the upper right corner of your browser window for your nickname.

2. Click it, then choose logout.

3. Browse your site and look for the Save Photo icon.

That's it! Pretty simple, right?