How to Get Paid What You're Really Worth - school
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One of the most popular (and constant) debates between photographers is how to properly price your work and know that you're not over- or under-charging for what you do.We've covered this topic before but like fingerprints, no two photographers are the same.

How do you know that someone else's magic number is right for you?

Tune in to our  podcast with the inimitable Dane Sanders: photographer, entrepreneur, educator and author of countless business strategies for photographers like you. He's no stranger to helping passionate people find their stride, get their businesses off the ground and turn their love into a lucrative way of life.

In this podcast, you'll hear answers to some of the most important pro questions, such as:

 - Are you a freelance or a signature photographer, and why does it matter?

 - How do you get past the "newbie mindset" and stop sabotaging your success?

 - Are there any benefits to being new, and how can you leverage the opportunity?

 - Can you afford to accept that next photo gig?

 - How do you charge a fair price without scaring the client away?

 - Why should you trust your print lab?

Dive in right now and start listening. 

Podcasts are the perfect way to give yourself a competitive edge while you're processing last night's photos, or while you're stuck on your morning commute.